How do I join?
Now accepting select U.S. applicants for Batch 1

🌟 Join Batch 1

Be among the first to travel with Makani and shape its future! If you're:

  • Planning a trip within the US by end of 2024

  • Based in the USA

  • An owner or renter willing to share your space with fellow Muslim travelers

  • Excited to shape a new platform

  • Willing to provide feedback

🌺 What's In It For You?

Early access perks include:

  • A free membership

  • A reduced flat fee of $75 for your ENTIRE stay

  • Earn nights of travel when you host
    (1 night hosted = 1 night to stay)

    Only pay for professional cleaning (Don't worry about cleaning before or after you host, we got you covered)

Approval required

Member home near New York, USA

🌍 Not in the US? We want to come to your country next!
We're excited to welcome applications from beyond the United States! Completing your application will assist us in prioritizing the next country for our launch, inshAllah.
Stay tuned for updates on international launch timing.

Approval required

Please note: Makani is in Beta. We are a very small team who is managing emails, newsletters, community and also working on building our product tool. We will need your help and patience in setting this community up for a success. If you want to join a community that is already fully launched we recommend you please apply at a later time, inshAllah! In the meantime, we invite you to stick around on our mailing list :)