How do I get accepted into the network?

At Makani, we're a small, tight-knit community of Muslims opening up their homes and sharing their spaces.

✈️To join our curated private community:
- Apply directly below to be considered for membership
- We'll review your application, if accepted to the next stage, we'll invite you to a call with the founders

Who is eligible to join?
•You own/rent an apartment/home
•You can list your entire home/or a room for hosting/swapping

Approval required

Member home near New York, USA

Please note: We are actively reviewing all applications on a rolling basis and ask for your patience as we carefully vet each applicant and intentionally grow our community.

(Use a referral code from a current member to bump up your spot on our waitlist.)

Not sure what your travel plans are yet? You have an option to host a member in your home: